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Cookıes Polıcy

Cookıes Polıcy

Your privacy is important for us and ensuring the confidentiality and security is our fundamental principle. Required precautions were taken and security systems were procured by keeping the system and internet infrastructure of our company at the most reliable level, in order to safeguard the confidentiality of the personal information of our customers.

You can visit our website (“site”) without providing any personal information and fulfill your needs by receiving information about our products and services. In the visits, cookies are used in order to gather information regarding the use of the site. Our purpose here is to provide convenience to the user visiting our site and find out how we can improve its functioning.

A cookie is a small file that contains a series of characters and that is sent to your computer when you visit a website. Cookies aim to ensure that a website presents a more user-friendly experience. They allow the presentation of customized web pages to make you experience a visit that is more suitable for your personal needs. Cookies cannot gather any information including your personal data stored in your computer or files.

Two types of cookies are available depending on their period of validity: Permanent Cookies and Temporary Cookies. Permanent cookies are created during your visit to the site and they function only until your closing of your browser. Temporary cookies are created during your visit to the site and they remain there until your deletion of them or the expiry of their duration. Temporary cookies are used for the processes like presenting an experience that is harmonious with your settings.

The temporary and permanent cookies of our site are used particularly for distinguishing you from the other users of our site and also making arrangements in line with your areas of interests and preferences. The cookies can be used within the scope of the services received from third persons, in addition to ones designed by our company.

Almost all web browsers are predefined in the manner that they will automatically accept cookies. However, you have the right to control and delete the cookies as you deem fit. You can receive support from the help menu of your browser to manage cookies.



A cookie is a small-size text file recorded by the respective website into your computer or your mobile device once you visit it. Cookies are used for the operation of a website or its more efficient functioning or for providing information to the owners of the website.



The cookies loaded on your computer or the information obtained are used for statistical analyses and security measures. No personal data of you is gathered by means of cookies.



You can control and delete cookies as you deem fit. You can delete the cookies present in your computer and you can block the recording/placement of them in most of web browsers.



Most web browsers allow you perform the following:

  • Viewing recorded cookies and deleting any one of them you wish to delete
  • Block third party cookies
  • Block the cookies of some certain websites
  • Block all the cookies
  • Delete all the cookies once you close the web browser

If you prefer to delete the cookies, your preferences on the respective website will be erased. In addition, if you prefer to block the cookies entirely, many websites may not work properly, including the websites belonging to our company.


Respectfully submitted.


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